Rouge Romance

It's the most wonderful time of the year!  A hallmark holiday sure enough, but it's undeniable how much a little extra love in the world counts, so why not join in?  With the gorgeous War & Peace just having closed, I've been musing over the epic nature of a true love story and thought this weekend would be a good time to look at the symbolic colour of it, red, in a new light.  Red is the colour of so many emotions, from love to anger and hazy warmth to longing and loss.  Rouge-noir is absolutely my favourite shade, and I love the poppy trend of bright red lips against a lightly tanned freckled face.  Red can be delicate when it's romantic, so far away from it's traditional use in hearts and flowers.  I've been thinking about the most heart wrenching loss, I watched A Testament of Youth recently and still feel Vera's sadness in my bones, as well as the excitement of young love, a first date, and a fluttering heart!  I just love jewel tones as a colour concept and wanted to share this visual story with you of romance, loving and red xx