Top-Knots & Tile Prints

It's connected in my mind!  As autumn creeps in and summer is wrenched from our clutches for another year, I printed off some of my favourite images to keep sunshine, colour and beautiful things in my mind; banishing the winter blues.  Here's a few of my musings at the moment to brighten your day too.  Often the phrase 'random musings' is used in a blogging context, but these are not random!  Imaginatively speaking I'm languishing in the Seventies when top knots were first in fashion, Morocco was chic, Yves Saint Laurent invented that fabulous blue that it's impossible to track down outside of the Moorish lands and Jane Birkin was the new Jane Birkin.  I'm working on my first ready to wear Bridal collection ce moment, souring tile print inspired laces and imagining myself as a voyeur on Jimi Hendrix lounging in Essaouira, YSL strolling his majestic Majorelle Gardens and Serge Gainsborough on the open road with Jane.  Dreamy!