Style Surgery

Prior to creating my design and make service I worked as a wedding and events planner, assisted in design rooms and supported in trend studios in London and beyond.  By combining all of my style expertise and wedding planning experience I will be perfectly positioned to collaborate with you to create a most marvellous matrimonial spectacle! 

Fitting wedding planning into a busy life isn't easy, and the options for each element of the day overwhelming!  I offer my curative vision, directory of suppliers and solutions to give you the gift of time, and with style confidence.  You’ll then start your journey off calm and collected with a bespoke mood board, your own style notes and written supplier suggestions so that you don’t miss a single name or number.  We can look at venue decoration to styling you and your bridal party and everything in between, in focused 2-hour sessions, which can be tailored according to what you most need help with. 

I will provide written notes and visual references, along with a digital mood board or secret Pinterest board to preserve our brainstorming.

If you love the idea of wedding DIY but don’t know your way around the craft box, I will make a ‘production sample’ of any decorations you’d like to create that you can simply match as you multiply.  With a step-by-step instructable, measurements and a list of supplies and tools you’ll need, you’ll be on your way to homemade heaven in no time!

A 2-hour wedding style session is £120.  For details of how much we can cover in a one-off session and other fully comprehensive packages please say hi at